Peter Käehne


If you are into melodic tunes with small details created to please your ears then Peter Käehne´s music might be for you!

Peter Käehne is not new to the scene as he started out as a DJ back in 1994 and was a great contributor to the beginning of the electronic music scene in Copenhagen Denmark. 
He was also the first to host a big outdoor rave in the streets of Copenhagen from 1999 to 2001 inspired by his many trips to the Love Parade in Berlin back in the days. Besides organizing big parties he also hosted a weekly radio show and was A&R assistant at Flex Records a sublabel for EMI music. 
After playing at Street Parade in 2007 Peter felt it was time for a break after Djing for over 10 years. Now the passion is back and you can hear his deep roots and many years in the music scene as his tracks have a big range in diversity. Peter Käehne describes himself as a music-loving geek as he loves to put many hours into sound design. Peter has also made music in the past but the new productions show that he is back better than ever and is now ready for the next chapter.